2014 Pantone Color: Radiant Orchid

Happy New Year!  With a new year comes a new Pantone color and for 2014 it’s Radiant Orchid.  This rich hue is full of fuchsias, purples,  and pinks undertones.  Radiant Orchid sparks imagination and creativity.  Since fashion is normally around one year ahead of interiors when it comes to trends, we can expect to see elegance come back in to popularity.  I look forward to using this color in design projects for 2014! Enjoy!

2014 Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

2014 Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid181423302LL00078_Max_Mara_R  52a0abb2dbfa3f79bc0060aa._w.540_s.fit_ 528a6f185aa969c78b6f3589a797ee90 converse-chucks-350x350 Pantone-color-of-the-year-2014-Radiant-Orchid-4 pantone-color-of-the-year-radiant-orchid-interior-SpiceTV Radiant Orchid


Details : Rope

Laura and I were out shopping the other day and found some nautical inspired items. As usual, it caught Laura’s eye!  I think of Laura when I see nautical inspired home decor. So Laura, this one is for you: clever uses of rope as interior detail.

Shelving by Niche Interiors
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Circle Tiles

We spent this morning looking at wood flooring and tile. This circular frosted tile displayed among predominantly straight-edged tiles caught my eye. The wispy, bubbly look stirred my imagination. Here are some creative examples of using circular tiles.
Bubble Circle Tile

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Conversation Starter : Stately Tables

Here’s something fun for today: Stately Tables. The tables are made of repurposed barn wood, carved into YOUR home state! Select the table leg style, soy-based stain and size. You can even pick the city where you would like the sterling silver star to inlaid. This is a great conversation starter piece to add to your home!

Indiana Table

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A Crayon Box : Dining Room Chairs

The warmer, sunny weather is putting me in a cheerful and colorful mood. My mood is working its way into researching colorful dining room chairs. Here’s a crayon box full of dining room chairs, covering the entire spectrum! Enjoy the sunshine!
Contemporary Dining Room by Sabal Homes
Dining Room by Cheryl Burke Interior Design
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Retail Research

In this edition of retail research…. Outdoor furniture & decor!

outdoor patio


Inspiration for a modern, relaxed patio

Outdoor Furniture White West Elm

Montauk Nest Chair – West Elm

Outdoor Umbrella Cover

Round Umbrella Arroyo Cover – Crate and Barrel

Outdoor Ballard Design Lights

Vintage String Lights – Ballard Designs

Outdoor Pillow Set

Lumbar Pillow Set – Target

Outdoor Coffee Table

Landon Coffee Table – World Market

outdoor bench

Valencia Sofa with Harbor Blue Cushion – Crate and Barrel

Details : Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Thinking about an upgrade in your kitchen? A sparkling new sink can add a polished look, as well as make your life easier. Upgrading to a deeper sink helps quite a bit when cleaning large pots or pans.  Here are some good tips to consider when choosing a new stainless steel kitchen sink.
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is heat resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean. Can’t seem to get it sparkling due to hard water? Try some Bar Keeper’s Friend.
       kohler drop in kitchen sink
Top-Mount, Under-Mount or Dual-Mount
Be sure you take note of what mount style you require for your kitchen. Top-Mount sinks (bottom photo) are easy to install and simply drop into the opening of the counter top. They have a lip edge covering the counter top. Typically, these are used with laminate counter tops. Under-Mount (top photo) attach below the counter top. It is a bit easier for cleaning; crumbs can be swept right into the sink. These are typically used for stone counter tops. Dual-Mount sinks can be used either way for your convenience.
Stainless Steel Gauge 
Stainless steel thickness is measured by the gauge. Thin steel has a higher gauge and thicker steel has a lower gauge. Less expensive sinks start at 22. As sink prices goes up, you will see the gauge around 18 or even 16. With a thicker sink (lower gauge), it will be more resistant to dents, the sink will be quieter when in use and it will hold up much better overtime.
Additional Options
After determining the basics, there are plenty more options to choose from. Beginning with the photo above, this kitchen has a single basin, apron-front style with a towel bar.
Double sink basins are not always the exact same size. In the Moen sink above, two different basin depths are available. This can be helpful when cleaning large items.
This Kohler Prologue sink has a work surface on the side. The sink includes a custom fit cutting board and colander. Many manufacturers have unique, custom sinks like this one.
For the serious cook or chef, this long Kohler Crevasse sink is perfect for chopping food. The water automatically sweeps the chopped scraps down to the garbage disposal.
Or if you don’t care about sinks, here’s the sink for you! It’s the Crystalline by Blanco. Hide it when you’re done! Excellent for small spaces.
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April showers bring May flowers: Floral Decor

Well, April is drawing to a close and May is almost here!  I can’t believe it!  Soon flowers will be in full bloom.  Floral artwork and accessories are quite popular and can really add that pop of color to your space.  And for those of us lacking a green thumb it’s a way to bring nature indoors.  Sometimes a floral upholstered piece looks great too!  Let’s take a look at a few examples:

I love how these floral chairs add just the right touch of whimsy!
Notice how the artwork ties in several colors in the space.  Sometimes starting with the artwork and working backwards will give you a great color palate.
The vibrant colors in the rug really add life to this room.  I love the dark walls!
Check out this funky room! The floral wallpaper becomes the rooms artwork.
Happy May Day tomorrow!  Perhaps some flowers will brighten your day!

Fresh, yet warm home color palette for a friend

Hepburn Interiors, LLC:

At Hepburn Interiors, we can do projects big and small. Here is an example of a quick wall color selection! Let us help tailor a project to fit your schedule and budget.

Originally posted on just little things:

I recently used my interior design skills [Hepburn Interiors] to help my friend, Shelby, select some wall colors for her first home! We selected some colors that were fresh and modern, but worked with some of her traditional pieces. With natural light spilling in from the windows, these colors rejuvenated her 1950’s home. As always, keep in mind, all computer monitors have different settings. Check out your local [Sherwin-Williams] store to see the best example!


I’m hoping to get more photos of the new paint at her housewarming party this weekend! Congratulations on moving into your first home, Shelby!

Kind  Hepburn Interiors Interior Designer Greenwood Indianapolis Trend Fresh Modern Wall Color 2013

Kind Green – SW6457 Sherwin-Williams

Used in her bedroom with her warm, neutral bedding.

Silvermist Hepburn Interiors Interior Designer Greenwood Indianapolis Trend Fresh Modern Wall Color 2013

Silvermist – SW7621 Sherwin-Williams

Used in the kitchen, which has white cabinets and wainscoting.

Tony Taupe Hepburn Interiors Interior Designer Greenwood Indianapolis Trend Fresh Modern Wall Color 2013

Tony Taupe – SW7038 Sherwin-Williams

Used in her living areas which have dark brown tones and metal accents.

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